The Jordan-Mills Rod Co.

Classic and Vintage Fishing Tackle

Carmine Lisella, Prop.


“All rods in original bag and tube unless otherwise noted.”

1. Orvis Superfine.  6’, 2 piece, 5 wt. (Orvis described as a 6 wt.). Made 1967, dual ring seat over cork, superfine grip.  Excellent condition.   $625

2. Lee Wulff Classic.  6’, 1 piece, 2 1/2 oz. 5 wt.  Made in England for Royal Wulff, the firm that Joan continued after Lee’s death.  Inscribed on the ring with Lee’s facsimile signature.  Virtually unused.   $625

3. Goodwin Granger Special.  Bait Casting Rod.  6’, 2/1, 4 1/8 oz. Medium weight.  All original with Landman style bakelite real seat, yellow silks and rich dark cane.  This is one of the finest Granger bait casting rods I’ve seen and deserves a Meek or Milam reel to accompany it.  Some isolated checks to the varnish otherwise very good condition with its original bag and fully labeled tube.   $150

4. Twin Bridges built Winston.  6’, 2/2, 2 1/4 oz., 4 wt.  Ser. #30XX.  5 3/4” moderate reverse wells grip, n.s. cap and ring over zebra wood (?), clear tan silks with deep burgundy tagging and the requisite wrapped ferrules.  A lovely little dry fly rod for the most restricted venues.  About unused.   $1,500

5. Orvis Superfine.  6 1/2’, 2/2, 2 1/4 oz.  4/5 wt. (over- stated by Orvis as a 6 wt.).  Superfine grip, dual ring seat.  New seat and grip installed by Orvis so looks virtually unused aside from very slight age indications to silks – not even worth mentioning.   $625

6. Payne 96.  (Sisters OR).  6 1/2’, 2/2, 2 7/8 oz., 4 DT rod. 5 1/4” cigar grip, blued cap and ring over Spanish Cedar, proper Payne die stamp to the end cap and brown silks tipped gold over beautifully varnished deep straw colored cane.  David Holloman has without question acquired the “secret” of the Payne finish.  This rod is a bit faster than the traditional 96 and is a casting machine with 4 DT lines.  I also believe that Dave used a vintage cap and ring on this rod as it has all the elements of earlier hardware.  The rod is in perfect condition and is put up in what appears to be an original labeled tube with Dave’s newly produced bag.  $1,350

6a. Orvis MCL Flea.  6 1/2’, 2/1, 2 3/8 oz.  4 wt. Ser.  #80XXX.  Lightly soiled grip and seat otherwise  excellent and a fine little dry fly rod known to all.  $525

6b. Orvis Rocky Mountain.  6 1/2', 3/2, 4/5 wt.  Very early model, ser. #5640, built in 1948.  Has an unusually brisk and very dry fly demeanor unlike its later issues.  Rod is put up in its original bag and original Landman tube.  Orvis contracted Landman for a very short period of 2 or 3 years to make tubes for them at that time.  This rod with its cigar grip, all cork downlocking seat, die stamped butt cap and Pat. Pending designation is in remarkably excellent condition.  A great find with unusual bright dry fly tapers.   $775

7. Jim Downes’ version of a Garrison 193.  6’9”, 2/2, 4 wt.  Made up as a Garrison with clear wraps, light cane, cigar grip, knurled n.s. ring to cap over ½ walnut spacer and chocolate silks as a winding check.  Jim revised the original tapers to make for a more firm, more crisp, more dry fly iteration of the original.  Just a great dry fly rod in its size range.  Seems unused.   $725

8. Jon Parker.  6’9”, 4 wt. 5 1/2” cigar grip, blued cap and ring over walnut, medium dark cane and brown silks tipped black.  A terrific medium fast dry fly rod from Jon’s NY period.  Excellent condition.   $775

9. Daryll Whitehead Custom.  7’, 2/2, 4wt.  Built 2009.  Reel seat fittings engraved by Paolo Barbetti.  5 1/2” cigar grip, medium straw colored cane, deep brown silks tipped red, ivory ferrule plug, coin edged ferrules sporting – Darryl’s “Whitehead” die stamp – just a gloriously appointed rod from the Western master of rod making.  Has a lovely light dry fly demeanor and is just perfect in every way.  An amazing work of art.  As new with plastic still on the handle.   $1,500

10. Leonard Pre-fire 38H Catskill.  5” cigar grip, butternut insert under delicate properly die stamped cap and ring, straw colored cane, olive silks, prominent swelled butt and bright perfect fitting ferrules.  Original bag with hang tag in remarkable condition reading “Catskill” and classic narrow pre-fire tube.  Rod has a fabulous, even modern, dry fly demeanor.  Soiled but smooth grip and in perfectly restored by Steve Blank condition.  A rare offering from my own collection.   $1,800

11. Orvis Madison.  7’, 3 3/8 oz., 2/1, 4/5 wt.  Made in 1971 and appears unused.   $525

12. George Halstead/John Gallas.  7’, 2/2, 4/5 wt. dry fly rod.  Built by John from Halstead blanks in conjunction with Marty Keane.  John (or Marty) acquired bona fide Halstead blanks and made up a run of 8 rods all die stamped Halstead/Gallas to the hardware.  This rod, number 10, is an interesting and singular exception.  Numbers 9 and 10 were later made by John as favors but also included both Halstead and Gallas die stamps.  Further unique to this rod was the use of Halstead ferrules.  This is a one owner rod, used lightly and with great respect.  Historically of great significance this rod was pictured and discussed in the Winter 2008 issue of the American Fly Fisher in an extensive article about Halstead where it was referenced as one of the last Halstead rods.  Subsequently John Gallas, answering a posting on the Forum, also talks about the rod and its authenticity (posted 3/25/10).  Truly a rare opportunity to own one of the last produced Halstead rods. $1,450

13. Tim Zietak Quad, 704-2.  7’, 2/2, 4 wt.  Cigar grip, blued cap and ring over amboyna, dark shafts, brown silks and red agate stripper guide.  Based on a Payne 98, rod has a very sweet full working dry fly action that can handle streamers and nymphs with equal aplomb.  Excellent plus, plus condition and one of the best values among contemporary rod makers on the secondary market.  A second opportunity for those who missed the 704-2 previously offered.   $775

14. Art Weiler Garrison Type 204E.  7’ 3”, 3 1/4 oz., 4 wt.  Looks and acts like the progressive original.  Excellent plus condition and put up in the then available Maxwell Leonard tube.   $650

15. Jim Becker.  7’3”, 2/2, 4/5 wt. (designated 4).  6” cigar grip, butternut spacer with n.s. cap and ring, straw colored cane, transparent tan/yellow silks with forest green tagging and ever so subtle quiet varnish finish.  This is a quick little dry fly rod able to cast a 4 DT or 5 line equally well.  Jim’s rods may be the current best value among contemporary rod makers.  A 17 year veteran of Orvis and responsible for several modern-day Orvis tapers, Jim has been diligently creating fine rods on his own for over 15 years.  Very nice work; great fishing rod in a handsome uncompromised virtually unused package.   $825

16. Tufts and Batson.  7’3”, 2/2, 4/5 wt.  Cigar grip, African Blackwood insert under delicate n.s. cap and ring, black silks discreetly tipped orange, red agate stripper guide, bright perfect fitting ferrules, tasteful stylized winding check and just perfectly varnished straw colored cane.  Rod has a brisk semi parabolic feel and is a virtual casting machine for either 4 or 5 wt. lines – I like it with a 5.  The reputation of Amelia Tufts and Gabe Batson has virtually exploded in the world of emerging makers and I am proud to be one of their earliest brokers.  Their rods are spectacular for performance, structural integrity and appearance.  May be the nicest rods made by any contemporary maker today.  Their current price for this rod is $2,400!  This one new direct from them   $1,500

17. Walt Carpenter Browntone.  Model 99.  7’3”, 2/2, 4 wt.  Built in 1982, from my own collection and used, perhaps 7-8 times.  Some soiling of the grip otherwise in excellent condition and one of the best pieces I’ve ever seen from Walt.  Structurally perfect; cosmetically stunning.   $3,800

18. Maxwell Leonard 39M-5.  7 1/2’, 2/2, 5 wt.  Great casting rod and one of the best examples of Tom’s work I’ve had.  Cigar grip (slightly soiled) blued cap and ring over figured maple and all else “Maxwell” and correct.  Put up in the very desirable die stamped Maxwell tube as well.   $2,850

19. Orvis Wes Jordan Special.  7 1/2’, 2/2, 3 7/8 oz., 5/6 wt.  Ser. #62XXX.  6 1/2’ cigar grip with “right hand” relief, patented Orvis downlocking seat over walnut, chocolate silks over medium dark cane and blued perfect fitting ferrules.  While the grip shows soiling, the rod is in overall excellent condition with the nicest condition original leather tube ever seen for this period.  Its length and weight make it the favorite all around.  Orvis rod that we’ve come to love.   $825

20. Orvis Pacechanger.  7’/7’3”, 2/2, 4/5 wt. (reads 6).   3 3/8 / 3 1/2 oz. Ser. #80XXX.  Staggered ferrule rod for both dry fly and nymphing/wet fly use.  Cigar grip, downlocking seat over walnut with one truly infinitesimal nick to the surface, brown silks and straw colored impregnated cane.  A well-loved model in the Orvis line – up sharing the stage with the 7/3 and the Nymph for desirability.  Excellent plus, plus condition with warrantee card.   $675

21. Leonard Deluxe 755.  7 1/2’, 2/2, 3 1/2 oz. 5 wt.  From the very limited run of rods catalogued only in 1984.  The rod featured a unique innovative finish based on an acrylic developed by Walt Carpenter, applied and buffed to a high luster and may be one of the prettiest rods to ever come out of the Central Valley Shop.  Sports a 5 1/2” cigar grip (slightly soiled), butternut seat neatly stepped up to the cork, n.s. cap and ring and very attractive transparent pale yellow/green silks elegantly tipped Charleston green.  At 3 1/2 oz., the rod is characteristically Catskill dry-fly and delicate.  A rare opportunity to own one of the very few of these rods ever produced.  Put up in the Maxwell type tube with the very cool Leonard die stamp to the brass collar.  Excellent condition and accompanied by a copy of the Leonard catalogue entry for the series.   $1,350

22. Art Weiler Payne 101.  7 1/2’, 2/2, 5 wt.  Another fine rod from, perhaps, the most prolific builder in the country.  Made up just as a Payne 101 for appearance and behavior.  Mint unused.   $725

23. Ted Simroe 2765.  7 1/2’, 2/2, 5 wt. Cigar grip, up locking seat over Ted’s hallmark exotic bubinga spacer, transparent tan silks (proprietary to The Jordan Mills Rod Co.) and a perfect varnish finish over light straw colored cane.  Ted’s medium action dry fly rods are perfect in every way – for finish, action and construction.  My own go-to rod in the 7 1/2’ length.  You might have noticed my deep affection for his work and great respect for his importance in the world of bamboo.  New from Ted and a model that is a constant offering in these pages.  $1,650

24. Thomas and Thomas Midge.  7 1/2’, 2/2, 5 wt.  Ser. #27XX.  Cigar grip, walnut seat with blued cap and ring, straw colored impregnated cane, handsome subtle yellow silks and best of all, Tom Maxwell’s handwriting in place.  Very light soiling of the grip and various areas of bluing absence to the ferrules.  Super dry fly tapers in the Catskill tradition – medium fast.  A great rod with a great history and made by the two Toms.  Very good/excellent condition.  At an unprecedented price point of $1,950

25. Wyatt Dietrich (Dream Catcher Rods) Kearney’s Quest.  7 1/2’, 2/2, 5 wt.  First rod made in 2004 following the passing of his mentor, George Maurer.  Wyatt developed his skills alongside Maurer, used many of George’s designs and subsequently developed his own techniques.  His rods are a fine tribute to Maurer elevating the design and finish to a whole other mark.  Progressive, full working, do everything rod.  Just beautiful for cosmetics as well.  A few mars to the reel seat otherwise excellent plus and a great rod for  $825.

26. Robert Lancaster “Falling Springs.”  7 1/2’, 2/2, 4/5 wt.  Bob’s version of the Paul Young Perfectionist and although constantly designated as a 4 wt. rod by many builders including both Summers and Young, I have always liked it with a 5 line.  Reverse half wells grip, black anodized cap and ring over stabilized maple, dark evenly toned cane and clear tan wraps tipped black.  One of the “hands-down” best values on today’s market for structural integrity, finish and attention to detail.  As new condition and perhaps the most well liked taper from Lancaster.   $725

27. Orvis Adirondack.  7 1/2’, 2/2, 5 wt.  Ser. #90XXX.  New unfished.   $975

28. Carpenter/Downes.  7 1/2’, 2/2, 5 wt.  Made up as the late model Carpenter Paynes; likely some rendition of a lighter 101.  A collaboration and signed “Walt Carpenter and L.J. Downes: Makers.”  With its medium dark straw colored cane, brown silks with yellow tipping, Spanish cedar seat and blued cap and ring a tribute to the Payne Rod Co. where Walt spent his last “employment” years before going out on his own.  Rod has a lovely progressive dry fly feel in the spirit of Payne rods.  The intention of Carpenter and Downes was to produce a series of these rods but this evolved into a singular effort.  Lawn cast only so minor soiling of the cork, otherwise near mint and very special indeed.   $1,500

28a. Orvis Battenkill.  7 1/2', 3 7/8 oz., 2/2. 5 wt. (company designated 6), ser. #64XXX (1971).  Cigar grip; down- locking seat over highly figured walnut and lovely dark cane.  Perhaps the most popular taper and length in the Orvis line-up.  A great all around rod in excellent plus condition.   $650

29. Ron Kusse.  7 1/2’, 2/2, 5 wt. 6 1/4” cigar grip, rosewood spacer beneath blued n.s. cap and ring, lightly flamed cane, transparent tan silks tagged chocolate at the ferrule stations, pronounced swelled butt and forged hex winding check.  This is a bright dry fly rod in the Catskill tradition, built in 1988 and remains unused.  Truly a stunning piece as are all of Kusse’s rods.   $1,450

30. Ted Simroe.  7 1/2’, 3/2, 5 wt.  First owner ordered this from Ted to appear as a post fire rod – red silks, 5 1/2” cigar grip, blonde cane, black guides and bright cap and ring over butternut.  Rod has a distinct light dry fly flavor for a 5 wt. line.  From one of the last best builder/owners of the Leonard company and in as new condition with a slight bump to the tube.   $1,250

31. Marc Aroner Spring Creek. 7 1/2’, 3/2, 4 wt.  Beauti- ful, crisp, dry fly rod.  Made up in Marc’s inimitable elegant fashion.  His current, price for this model is $4,200 with a multi-year wait.  This one appears unused.   $3,500

31a. Hardy Marvel.  7 1/2', 3/2, 4 wt.  This is a vintage  piece in nice condition currently with Jim Becker for a  ferrule reset.  The rod is well known to the rod  community as the best rod ever designed by the  company and truly one of the best 7 1/2', 3/2, 4 wts.  ever conceived by any maker.  Will be modestly priced  when it comes back to me. 

32. Marc Aroner Full Flex Hunt.  7 1/2', 3/2, 4/5 wt.  In my collection but would let it go to a very eager enthusiast.  Marc’s new price for this rod is in excess of $4,500   POR

33. Joe Balestrieri (Red Wing Fly Rods).  7’9”, 3.7 oz. 5/6 wt.  “Long Taper Parabolic,” Stunning example of Joe’s work – amazing really that he produces such outstanding rods for such a reasonable price.  Joe is partial to parabolic rods and this one may be the finest example of his interest in them.  Full bodied, long line rod and beautifully executed.  Cigar grip, dual ring seat over cork, red agate stripper guide and elegantly flamed cane.  Pre-owned but unused.   $625

34. John Gallas 93.  7’9”, 2/2, 5 wt. parabolic rod and likely after the Payne 5 wt.  For those who missed the one previously listed, another opportunity.  This one in truly excellent condition with John’s specially detailed reel seat – 2/3 figured walnut and walnut check stepped up to the cigar grip.  Very slight handle soiling, otherwise excellent and one of the best known rods among current builders.   $1,450

35. Don Schroeder.  7’9”, 3/2, 5 wt.  Blonde rod and just a fabulous performer – elegant progressive dry fly tapers.  Near mint condition.   $1,850

36. George Maurer Rocky Mountain Special.  7’9”, 3/2, 5/6 wt.  Full bodied semi-parabolic rod from the bench of Sweet Water Rods.  Built in 1995 and in very good/excellent condition.   $1,350

37. Jim Becker.  Jordan-Mills Special Deluxe.  7’9”, 3/2, 5 wt.  May be the absolute best taper I’ve had from Jim – dry fly, progressive and just perfect for performance.  His latest addition of a swelled butt makes for formidable appearance and behavior.  New from Jim and possibly one of the best values among current builders.   $1,150

38. Don Schroeder.  7’10”, 2/2, 5 wt.  Dark rod with fine brown intermediate silks.  Custom made and a unique piece.  I’ve used it on the Willowemoc 2 or 3 times and it was perfect.  A great performer and beautifully finished.  Minor grip soiling only.  Near perfect condition.   $1,850

39. Wes Jordan Special by Orvis.  8’, 2/2, 4 3/8 oz., 7 wt. (some enthusiasts insist on using it with a 6 DT line).  Cigar grip with right hand contours is slightly soiled but all perfectly whole and smooth.  Cane enjoys a truly handsome dark color and topical luster.  Ser. # 47XXX, made 1967.  A lovely, do everything all around rod.  Excellent with fully labeled aluminum tube and inscription above the cork “Made for …. By Wes Jordan.”   $725

40. Another.  This one later (1982) with lighter cane, and prominent resorcinol glue lines.  Its right hand grip is in perfect order as is its leather case.  Inscribed on cane and butt cap for the first owner but appears virtually unused.   $825

41. John Pickard 8026 Guide.  8’, 2/2, 6 wt.  Half wells grip, figured walnut and downlocking seat, pre-embargo cane and Dickerson cosmetics.  Very minor soiling of its cork otherwise a beautiful medium to large dry fly rod and after Dickerson’s Guide Special.  Excellent plus, plus.   $1,350

42. Daryll Whitehead Standard.  8’, 2/2, 5 wt. 6” reverse half wells grip, downlocking n.s. seat over highly figured walnut, red agate stripper guide, deep straw colored cane and appointed with Whitehead’s elegant ivory ferrule plug.  Rod has a bright very dry fly habit and is perfect in every way – for performance; for visual presentation.  A truly elegant example of this West coast master’s oevre.  New unused with plastic still to the handle.   $1,350

43. R.K. (Robert) Bolt.  8’, 2/2, 3 7/8 oz. 5 wt.  This is the slightly heavier more desirable 8’ 5 wt. in the Bolt/Howells line up.  Reverse half wells grip with minimal soiling, uplocking die stamped seat with zebra wood spacer, brown silks double wrapped ad tipped yellow, deep straw  colored cane, perfect quiet varnish finish and appointed with Bolt’s very cool machine and checkered brass ferrule plug.  Robert outdistanced himself with this rod – perfect for finish and just a super Catskill-like dry fly rod in the Howells tradition.  Excellent plus, plus and seriously undervalued at   $1,250

44. Leonard 40.  8’, 2/2, 4 3/8” oz. (with plastic to the grip).  Classic post-fire Catskill dry fly tapers for a 6 DT line.  6” cigar grip, downlocking Leonard patented seat over butternut and red silks tagged deep burgundy at the hook keeper and ferrule stations.  Believe it to be in refinished (by Leonard?) very good condition.   $975

45. Another.  This one finished in the Ted Simroe era colors – tan with auburn tipping to each guide.  Carries the first owners name to the shaft but remains mint unused.   $1,250

46. Bill Blackburn.  8’, 2/2, 4 wt.  Beautiful hollow built rod by this Tom Morgan trained builder.  After building rods alongside Tom, Bill set off on his own. For his quality craftsmanship and instinct for rod design he has quickly captured the attention of the bamboo rod community.  This example may very well be the best performing 8’ 4 wt. I’ve ever had in hand – brisk dry fly tapers and extraordinarily responsive.  Previous owner claims “lawn cast” only.  Without the wait $1,450

47. Pre-fire Leonard 50DF (Tournament).  8’, 3/2, 4 oz. 5 wt.  Every battery of rods should hold a 50 DF.  Lovely dark cane, tan silks that show some age, comfortable very slightly ridged 5 1/4” cigar grip with n.s. cap and ring over butternut.  Steve Blake gave the rod a polish (his secret waxing formula) only, otherwise all original and a fine example of the model and vintage.  Hang tag still here and all perfectly legible.  A smooth as silk rod in the hand and a fine condition period piece.   $1,350

48. RD (Bob) Taylor Flametone.  8’, 3/2, 5 wt. 6” cigar grip with minor soiling, blued cap and ring over walnut with Bob’s unique concave design to the ring, elegant as can be evenly flamed cane, tan silks tipped blood red, red agate stripper guide and prominent swelled butt.  Rod has a fabulous progressive dry fly habit and its do-everything behavior makes for the one rod to have if you’ll only have one!  Just the perfect rod for almost all fishing venues.  For Bob’s experience and level of workmanship his rods are currently grossly under- valued.  This one pre-owned but respectfully used and in excellent plus condition.   $2,350

49. Bill Blackburn.  8’3”, 2/2, hollow built 5 wt.  Almost not worth mentioning minor soiling of the cigar grip otherwise in perfect condition.  Another fabulous piece of work from this increasingly important builder.  Wonderful Catskill like dry fly taper.  Just a glorious rod from this Tom Morgan trained over achiever.   $1,450

50. Sweet Grass Mantra.  8’3”, 3/1, 5/6 wt.  Wells grip (slightly soiled), anodized black hardware over maple and translucent brown silks over light straw colored cane.  This rod lists at $1,200.  Here in about perfect condition with exception noted.   $750.

51. Pre-fire Leonard 661/2H.  8 1/2', 2/2, 4 3/4 oz.  5/6 wt.  A lovely long line rod from the  pre-fire period in absolutely splendid condition – varnish about perfect, cork although a bit stained, is totally smooth and hang tag still in place is in perfect order.  A true find from the 50’s or very early 60’s, very rarely coming to market.  Steal this rod for  $1,450

52. Thomas and Thomas Montana.  8 1/2’, 2/2, 6 wt.  As new collector grade – book matched tips – rod from T and T with very rare detachable fighting butt.  Believe only one or two of these made by Troy Jacques.  Beautiful rod with a super full bodied progressive action.  Astounding to this enthusiast that the brand is so undervalued on the secondary market.  Unused condition.   $1,800

53. Walt Powell.  8’8”, 2/2, 4 7/8 oz. 6 wt.  Full wells grip, uplocking champagne seat over zebra wood.  Charleston green silks over straw colored polished impregnated shafts and sensibly witness marked perfect fitting ferrules.  Rod has an easy progressive dry fly flavor.  Walt’s rods, while to some, appear pedestrian for finish and cosmetic work, just never but never disappoint for performance.  This rod is no exception.  Mint condition and remarkably under- appreciated; undervalued.   $750


54. Leonard Catskill glass.  6’, 2/1, 1 7/8 oz.  5/6 wt.  Soiled cork otherwise excellent and about never seen.  Interesting to note – it has Marty Keane’s details stamped on its bag and obviously from his own collection.   $200

55. Thomas and Thomas Light Caddis.  7’, 2/1, 1 ¾ oz., 4 wt.  Lightly soiled cork, unremarkable mars to the spacer.  Overall excellent plus.   $225

56. Orvis Full Flex.  4.5 HLS2.  2/1, 1 oz., 4 wt.  Mint condition.   $175

57. Orvis Superfine Glass.  764-3 piece.  Full Flex.  7 1/2’, 4 wt.  Marginal soiling of the reverse half wells grip otherwise, almost unused.   $325

58. Scott STS 804/4.  8’, 4p., 2.7 oz., 4 wt.  MSRP for this rod is currently $480.  Minor soiling to grip otherwise excellent plus, plus.   $200

59. Orvis Superfine Glass.  866 – 3 piece.  8 1/2', 6 wt. with 1” fixed fighting butt.  Mint unused.   $325

60. Hardy Smuggler (Gem).  9’, 6 piece, 5/6 wt.  Mint unused.   $275


61. Hardy St. George, Jr.  2 9/16”, LHW, 3 wt. or 1/2 DT 4. 1998 limited, numbered, reissue in new unused condition with block leather case, box, papers and original receipt from a British retail shop.   $525

62. Hardy Perfect.  2 5/8”, RHW, 3/4 wt. reel.  Bone colored handle, milky line guard, 3 pins showing around slightly raised hub and nearly black finish.  One of the later serial numbered reissues in mint unused condition with box, beautiful black leather case and papers.   $575

63. Hardy “The Tealweight II”.  Very rare issue for the company and believe very few ever made.  Slight 2 3/4" diameter, LH/RH fixed drag, 3 screw center hub, made in England with a truly handsome Charleston green finish to the frame. Just a super little 3/4 wt. reel if you really care to remove it from your shelf.  Mint unused with box, papers and original selvyt bag – often sold for $50-75 on its own!  A beautiful and rare piece of production from Hardy.   $525.

64. Orvis CFOI.  2 3/4”, 3/4 wt. reel made by Abel.  LH/RH.  This is Orvis’ newest interation of the reel first designed by Stan Bogdan.  This production of the reel is amazing for finish and mechanics.  Abel has taken the reel to a new level.  New with box, case and papers.   $275

65. Orvis CFO II.  Another Abel creation in the 2 7/8”, 4/5 wt. size.  New.   $275

66. Orvis CFO III.  The 3”, 5 wt. size.   $275

67. Bill Ballan.  2 5/8” wide spool “S” handle reel from Bill.  Designed to be RH or LH, seems to have a LHW bias.  This is a rather rare piece of production from Ballan and never seen by this vendor.  Reel has machined and polished aluminum side plates and a contrasting champagne/gold anodized frame.  Has a rosewood handle and counterbalance with Bill’s die stamp in place.  Has backing but for the absence of mounting marks seems unused with logoed case.   $250

68. Hardy 1903 Bougle. Reproduction.  3” pillar to pillar, RHW only, faux bone handle and all else as the original 1903 issue including its very similar brushed and cast aluminum finish.  Made in a limited edition, this one numbered 251 and in mint condition with block leather case and original box.   $475.

69. Hardy Golden Featherweight.  Just as the all-time favorite 4 wt. reel from Hardy finished in chocolate brown with brass (gold) accents to the hub, handle bezel, foot, raised boss on verso and to the script.  LH/RH, now set for LHW with a few mounting mars to the foot otherwise excellent plus, plus with original blue case, papers and box.   $325.

70. 3” Hardy St. George in the reissued, made in England spitfire finish.  Milky line guard, LHW, rim mounted drag knob and faux bone handle.  Minor mounting mars to the foot ends otherwise excellent plus, plus with original case.  Recently spotted on a UK website at about $750.  Here in near perfect order.   $575

71. Hardy Golden LRH.  3 1/4" 5 wt. and as an LRH with the chocolate brown finish and gold accents.  Minor mars and tarnish to the foot otherwise, excellent with original blue case and set for LHW.   $325

72. Pre-1928 3 1/4" Hardy Sunbeam Mark I.  Revolving plate 2 3/4" diam. so 4/5/6 capacity.  Bickerdyke line guard, horseshoe latch and smooth brass foot.  By far the nicest, tightest example of this nearly 100 year old reel I’ve ever had.  With about all of its retained blueing; glorious for its appearance and mechanical order.   $325

73. 3” wide spool 5/6 wt. Dingley. RHW, Wm. Mills logo to the back plate, horseshoe latch and bone handle.  About 90% blueing remain on both reel and smooth brass foot.  Well marked for Dingley to the interior.  Some latch scratches to the dished front plate otherwise in excellent condition.   $250

74. Another.  This one 5 wt. with white celluloid handle, RHW, nearly 100% blueing remaining and marked for the retailer and gun maker Westley Richards.  For its interior protocol believe older than the previous offering.  Comes with an interesting Abercombie marked leather case.   $275

75. Bill Ballan Classic.  3 1/4", 5/6 wt. LH/RH fixed drag, black side plates, champagne frame and lovely “S” handle.  Appears unused and a fair value replication of the Bogdan Standard Trout.   $250

76. Bogdan Standard Trout.  3 1/4”, narrow spool, RHW (can be changed to LHW).  A more perfect traditional 5 wt. reel has yet to emerge.  Mounting marks to the foot otherwise excellent plus, plus in original bag.   $2,350

77. Hardy Golden Princess. 3 1/2", 5/6/7 capacity. LH/RH chocolate brown with the very handsome gold toned accents.  Some mounting marks to the foot otherwise near mint with an as new SA Ultra 3 DT-7-F line, papers and royal blue case.   $350

78. 3 3/8” 2 screw Hardy St. George, RHW, n.s. line guard, ridged brass foot (with about 100% blueing intact), and aside from some older, perhaps silk line impressions to the spool this reel is perfect for fit and finish.  Truly a handsome reel for 5, 6 or 7 lines.  With its original case and for its incredible condition.   $425

79. The Sovereign 5/6/7 by Hardy.  Original gold toned issue now set for LHW.  I truly believe this is to be the most amazing engineering feat accomplished by the company and sad to see its removal from production.  The reel can be described as having a “too smooth” retrieve and a fabulous full range drag.  Has a poacher’s switch for silent drag, easy to reach drag knob and the most ingenious little switch to the interior to instantly change it from RH to LH.  Just a super reel for 5, 6 or 7 lines and a handsome piece of equipment.  Mounted backing but no obvious signs of use.  With elegant black leather case and original box.   $375

80. Hardy St. John MK2.  3 7/8”, 8/9 wt. reel and the standard for Atlantic Salmon for decades.  LH/RH convertible, 2 screw latch, aluminum foot and enamel finish (100%).  Scuffs to foot ends from mounting otherwise gently used so excellent plus.   $250

81. Hardy Zenith. 3 3/8” wide spool reel from the Light- weight Series.  LH/RH, now set for LHW.  8/9 wt. reel in new unused condition with case, box, paperwork, and spare spool.   $325

82. Another.  This one with the desirable earlier 2 screw n.s. line guard.  Very minor edge wear otherwise very good condition with original case.   $275

83. Hardy St. Aidan.  3 7/8” and one of the largest reels for diameter from the Lightweight Series.  LH/RH convertible.  Sports the 2 screw n.s. line guard with patent numbers so a vintage piece and save a few scuffs to the foot ends, near mint condition with original case and paperwork.   $275

84. Another.  This one new unused with spare spool, boxes for both, case and paperwork.   $325

85. Golden St. Aidan.  LH/RH.  As the two previous reels with the chocolate finish and handsome gold toned accents to the foot, latch, drag knob, raised boss and script.  Elegant.  Some brass-like staining to the foot otherwise about perfect with DT8-S wet cell II line.  $350

Interestingly, according to the Hardy Company paperwork, the St. John, St. Aidan and Zenith each enjoy the same line capacities.  And they are -
DT7; 200 yards
WF7; 260 yards
DT8; 150 yards
WF8; 250 yards
DT9; 120 yards
WF9; 240 yards
With “old school” braided line.