“All rods in original bag and tube unless otherwise noted.”

1. Post-fire Leonard 36.  6’, 2/2, 3 wt.  2 oz. (actual) Ser. #18XX.  5 ½” perfectly proportioned cigar grip, butternut seat under n.s. cap and ring with proper die stamp in place and Chinese red silks over straw colored cane.  Rod is dead straight, has a great ferrule fit and is in excellent, plus condition.  Just the perfect rod for those restricted venues and delicate presentations.  A wonderful little find from the early/mid 1970’s and in perfect order.   $1,900

2. Twin Bridges built Winston.  6’, 2/2, 2¼ oz., 4 wt.  Ser. #30XX.  5 ¾” moderate reverse wells grip, n.s. cap and ring over zebra wood (?), clear tan silks with deep burgundy tagging and the requisite wrapped ferrules.  A lovely little dry fly rod for the most restricted venues.  About unused.   $1,950

3. Hardy Blue Ridge.  6’, 2/2, 4 wt.  Cigar grip, all cork reel seat with patented Hardy pocket and end cap, green silks tipped red, blued ferrules, turned rosewood ferrule plug and gorgeous belting leather rod tube.  Rod has a fast dry fly action with lots of backbone and long line ability.  This rod was produced during the last run of bamboo rod efforts in the 90’s by Callum Gladstone for the company and originally sold for about $3,600!  This rod near new and pictured and documented in Ron Lasko’s tome “A Tale of Two Rivers.”  Excellent plus condition.   $1,400

4. Sweet Grass Mantra.  6’, Quad in the unusual 2 tip format.  Crisp dry fly tapers for a 4 wt. line.  4½” grip giving way to an all cork seat with black anodized cap and ring, transluscent brown silks, hallmark wrapped ferrules and a unique resin or agatine winding check.  This is one of the nicest rods yet seen from the Boo Boys – can hardly believe its pedestrian price point.  Almost not worth mentioning grip soiling otherwise excellent plus, plus.  $925

5. Orvis Battenkill.  6½’, 2/2.  2 7/8 oz. 4/5 wt. Ser. #73XXX (1974), superfine/cigar grip, downlocking seat over walnut, resorcinol glue lines showing through its straw colored impregnated shafts and light brown silks. Minor soiling of the cork, otherwise excellent plus condition. (2)   $725/$525 

6. Orvis Flea.  6½’, 2/2, 2 oz., 4 wt.  Ser. #79XXX (1976).  Superfine cigar grip, dual ring all cork seat, dark straw cane, brown silks and blued ferrules.  A well liked semi-parabolic dry fly rod from Orvis comfortable with small to medium dries; streamer able as well.  As Marty would have put it – “delicate tapers with plenty of reserve power.”  One of the best rods ever made in its size range.  Seems virtually unused with warrantee/care card. $750

7. Incredibly rare Thomas and Thomas Caenis.  6½’, 2/2, 3 wt.  Ser. #36XX. 5½” “Schnaubel” grip, dual ring walnut seat, prominent swelled butt, transparent silks tipped auburn, dark straw colored varnished cane and a custom bamboo ferrule plug.  Lovely full working, semi-parabolic action for both dry and wet flies.  Built 1980; carries the first owner’s name and truly a beautiful and almost never produced rod from Tom Dorsey.  Excellent plus condition.   $2,700

8. Jim Downes’ version of a Garrison 193.  6’9”, 2/2, 4 wt.  Made up as a Garrison with clear wraps, light cane, cigar grip, knurled n.s. ring to cap over ½ walnut spacer and chocolate silks as a winding check.  Jim revised the original tapers to make for a more firm, more crisp, more dry fly iteration of the original.  Just a great dry fly rod in its size range.  Seems unused.   $950

9. Tim Zietak Quad, 704-2.  7’, 2/2, 4 wt.  Cigar grip, blued cap and ring over amboina, dark shafts, brown silks and red agate stripper guide.  Rod has a very sweet full working dry fly action that can handle streamers and nymphs with equal aplomb.  Excellent plus, plus condition and one of the best values among contemporary rod makers on the secondary market.  A second opportunity for those who missed the 704-2 previously offered.   $875

10. A.J. Thramer Payne 98 taper.  7’, 2/2, 4 wt. 6” cigar grip, blued cap and ring over walnut, moderately flamed cane, blood red silks and red/orange stripper guide.  Just a super dry fly rod from Allan; behaves just as my own late model Payne 98.  A great rendition of the original.  About mint condition.   $875

11. Orvis Battenkill.  7’, 2/2, 3 3/8 oz., 5 wt. (reads 6).  Ser. # 70XXX.  6”, cigar grip, downlocking seat over walnut, brown silks, medium dark shafts and blued ferrules.  A great full bodied full working do everything rod in its size range.  Has enough delicacy to handle small offerings; enough fortitude to handle the unexpected trophy.  Very light ‘almost not worth mentioning’ soiling of the grip otherwise near mint. (2)   $725

12. Ted Simroe 2704.  7’, 2/2, 4 wt.  Perhaps one of the best 7’, 4 wt. rods made by any current builder and my own go-to rod in its category.  All cork grip and seat with n.s. coin edged sliding band, medium caramel toned cane, clear tan silks (proprietary to this dealer) and bright ferrules.  Ted’s rods, although not sexy, are always absolutely perfect – dead straight, perfect ferrule fit, flawless varnish and structurally every¬thing proportionately executed.  Medium dry fly behavior that keeps on pleasing as your day wears on.  For a builder who has made thousands of high quality rods, grossly undervalued.  New from Ted and a constant offering in these pages. (2)    $1,650

13. Post fire Leonard 38H.  7’, 2/2, 4 wt. 5” cigar grip, n.s. cap and ring over butternut, red wraps, light straw colored cane and ferrule plug still here.  This rod built in the 70’s sports never before seen orange tagging to the hook keeper and male ferrule stations – according to Ted Simroe, so that the ladies in the finishing room could keep the rods together as they came through.  Actually a very pretty combination and of course, all original.  This rod has a unique semi-parabolic action and is very unlike the expected extreme dry fly habit for the 38H in general.  Comes with the rarely seen, all original narrow tube ordinarily associated with the pre-fire rods.  Very good all original condition.   $1,750

14. Tufts and Batson.  7’, 2/2, 4 wt., 5¾” cigar grip, bright n.s. cap and ring over African Blackwood, medium straw colored cane, red agate stripper guide and very handsome black silks delicately tipped orange.  The rod has a medium fast dry fly habit.  What more can I say about the fine workmanship, attention to detail and understanding of tapers that I haven’t said in previous entries – extolling the talents of Amelia Tufts and Gabe Batson by now redundant.  With a wonderful working relationship this duo is producing some of the finest rods in America today.  New from T. and B.   $1,500

15. Douglas Duck 201E.  7’, 2/2, 4 wt. and a dead nuts accurate rendition of the Garrison counterpart.  Cigar grip, n.s. knurled ring to cap over 2/3 birds eye maple seat, clear wraps over straw colored cane and the expected chocolate brown at the hook keeper and ferrule stations.  Rod has a firm progressive action making it a competent dry or wet fly rod.  You’ll fish this rod all day regardless of a change in approach.  Sadly, Douglas died in 2001 leaving a reputation as the quintessential maker in the Garrison idiom.  Appears virtually unused.   $1,500

16. Winston Leetle Feller.  7’, 2/2, 2 5/8 oz. 4 wt. Ser. #1810 (1980).  Reverse half wells grip, all cork seat with n.s. sliding band, transparent tan silks, wrapped ferrules, straw colored cane and all proper signature wraps in place.  Rod has a terrific medium fast dry fly habit and is just the perfect 7’4 wt. rod, comes with verification of its Leetle Feller moniker from Annette McLean.  Minor tarnishing of its cap and ring otherwise excellent plus condition.   $1,950

17. Thomas and Thomas Individualist.  7’, 2/2, 4/5 wt.  Ser. #27XX.  Shy 5½” grip, delicate n.s. cap and ring over beautiful walnut, prominent swelled butt, highly polished impregnated cane and transparent quiet yellow wraps tagged dark brown.  This rod is from the Individualist range of rods and is also called “Individualist.”  Has a nice full working dry fly feel with lots of determination; casts a 4 or 5 equally well.  A beautiful yet subtle looking rarely seen model from the bench of Tom Dorsey.  These T and T rods are, for the moment, remarkably undervalued.  Mint condition.   $2,100

18. Jim Becker/Jordan-Mills Special.  7’, 2/2, 4 wt.  Moderate half wells grip at 6” perfectly proportioned to the size and weight of the rod, n.s. cap and ring with Jim’s die stamp in place over dark butternut, avocado silks tipped red proprietary to this dealer, agate stripper guide and perfectly varnished straw colored cane.  Jim honed his craft as rod maker to Orvis for 17 years before heading out on his own some 15 years ago.  Rod has a crisp full-of-life medium fast dry fly demeanor.  In its price range, perhaps the most competently well executed rod on the market today for any contemporary maker.  An extraordinary value.  This one pre-owned but near mint.   $975

19. George Halstead/John Gallas.  7’, 2/2, 4/5 wt. dry fly rod.  Built by John from Halstead blanks in conjunction with Marty Keane.  John (or Marty) acquired bona fide Halstead blanks and made up a run of 8 rods all die stamped Halstead/Gallas to the hardware.  This rod, number 10, is an interesting and singular exception.  Numbers 9 and 10 were later made by John as favors but also included both Halstead and Gallas die stamps.  Further unique to this rod was the use of Halstead ferrules.  This is a one owner rod, used lightly and with great respect. Historically of great significance this rod was pictured and discussed in the Winter 2008 issue of the American Fly Fisher in an extensive article about Halstead where it was referenced as one of the last Halstead rods.  Subsequently John Gallas, answering a posting on the Forum, also talks about the rod and its authenticity (posted 3/25/10).  Truly a rare opportunity to own one of the last produced Halstead rods.  $1,950

20. From the exceptionally rare Leonard Deluxe Series of rods – the Deluxe 704.  Appearing only in the 1984 catalogue offerings, this rod featured a unique innovative finish based on an acrylic developed by Walt Carpenter.  Applied and then buffed to a high luster, the rod may be one of the most elegant rods produced by the company in the post-fire period.  This 7’ 4 wt. 2/2 rod follows the design prescription set out by Leonard – lighter in weight, crisper action and built entirely at the Leonard shop.  As all of the rods from the series, this rod is wrapped in a very pretty transparent pale green tipped with hunter green trim.  The grip is cigar giving way to an all cork n.s. cap and ring seat.  An added feature of this particular rod is its provenance – the rod was gifted to a friend by Larry Foster, the last official VP of the Leonard Co.  Needless to say, the rod action is true to Leonard’s Catskill style – medium crisp dry fly.  Excellent condition.   $1,650

Interestingly, I also have in inventory from the Deluxe Series, the 755, a 7 ½’, 2/2, 5 wt. and the extraordinarily rare 8’, 3 piece 805, both listed later in this collection.  The 3 piece rod was never catalogued and presumably built by special order.  All elegant rods representing 3 of the 6 models originally described in the 1984 catalogue, each accompanied by a copy of the ’84 Leonard catalogue entry, each put up in the Maxwell style die stamped tube.  Acquiring one of these rods is a feat; having 3 simultaneously amazing.

21. R.D. (Bob) Taylor.  7’, 3/2, 4 wt.  Cigar grip, bright n.s. cap and ring, moderately swelled butt and clear tan silks tipped red.  This is one of Bob’s blonde rods and is just perfect in every way from its elegant finish to its lovely medium dry fly action.  What more can be said about a living legend.  That his rods don’t sell in excess of $4,000 is a constant mystery and irritation to me.  His history and experience alone are fully worth the price of the rod.  New condition.   $2,750

22. Robert Lancaster Savage River.  7’2”, 2/2, 4/5 wt.  Half wells grip, aluminum cap and ring over stabilized wood insert, transparent tan silks tipped black, blued perfectly fitting ferrules and just a lovely quiet varnish finish to its moderately flamed cane.  A strong long line rod and Bob’s version of the Paul Young Driggs River Special.  Near new condition.   $675

23. Another.  This one with ever so slight soiling of the grip and more prominent flaming to the cane.  $675

24. Bellinger Rod Co.  7’2”, 2/2, 4 wt.  Cigar grip, walnut spacer under die stamped blued cap and ring, deep burgundy silks tipped black, red agate stripper guide, ivory ferrule plug and light straw colored cane.  Rod has a semi-parabolic dry fly action – full bodied, long line rod.  Likely built by Chet Croco, the rod is dead straight, bamboo work is perfect and ferrule fit is just right.  Altogether a fine example of the company’s best work.   $950

25. Tufts and Batson.  7’3”, 2/2, 4/5 wt.  Cigar grip, African Blackwood insert under delicate n.s. cap and ring, black silks discreetly tipped orange, red agate stripper guide, bright perfect fitting ferrules, tasteful stylized winding check and just perfectly varnished straw colored cane.  Rod has a brisk semi parabolic feel and is a virtual casting machine for either 4 or 5 wt. lines – I like it with a 5.  The reputation of Amelia Tufts and Gabe Batson has virtually exploded in the world of emerging makers and I am proud to be one of their earliest brokers.  Their rods are spectacular for performance, structural integrity and appearance.  May be the nicest rods made by any contemporary maker today.  New from Amelia and Gabe.   $1,500

26. For Norm Thompson, a Farlow’s of Aberdeen.  7’ 3½”, 2/2, 5 wt. 6” cigar grip, downlocking screw seat over mahogany (or Spanish Cedar), Charleston green silks over varnished straw colored cane, reverse British guides and blued ferrules.  Rod has minor soiling of the uncompromised grip, minor discoloration of a few wraps otherwise is dead straight, has a great ferrule fit and is altogether in very good condition.  Rod has a full bodied progressive do everything dry fly demeanor.  Just a super, good quality value priced rod and unusual for its 2 tip format.   $425

27. Orvis Pacechanger.  7’/7’3”, 2/2, 4/5 wt. (reads 6).  3 3/8 / 3 ½ oz. Ser. #80XXX.  Staggered ferrule rod for both dry fly and nymphing/wet fly use.  Cigar grip, downlocking seat over walnut with one truly infitessmal nick to the surface, brown silks and straw colored impregnated cane.   A well-loved model in the Orvis line – up sharing the stage with the 7/3 and the Nymph for desirability.  Excellent plus, plus condition with warrantee card. (2)   $750

28. Leonard Duracane.  7½’, 2/2, 5 wt.  Perfectly proportioned 5½” cigar grip, downlocking screw seat with butternut spacer, Charleston green silks and medium dark straw colored impregnated cane.  From my own collection so a great casting rod in about mint condition.  Kept this rod for years without using it as it is the prettiest Duracane I’ve ever had.  Unabashedly  $1,450

29. Robert K. Bolt.  7½’, 2/2, 3¼ oz. 5 wt.  Reverse half wells grip, uplocking seat over zebra wood, double wrapped brown silks tipped yellow, wrapped ferrules and medium straw colored cane.  Bolt, as the heir apparent to Gary Howells, builds rods in the Winston/Howells style honestly and accurately replicating Gary’s tapers and finished works.  His insistence on tweaking many of Gary’s tapers has made for more pleasing rods in the hand on balance.  This rod enjoys a medium dry fly action.  Excellent condition.   $1,400

30. Leonard Deluxe 755.  As item 20 for appearance and casting style.  This offering with cap and ring over butternut and carrying a 5 wt. line.  Elegant and in excellent condition.   $1,650

31. Genesee Valley Rods (Joe Perrigo). 7½’, 2/2, 4 wt. Quad. Cigar grip, highly figured maple spacer stepped up to the cork, ever so delicately coin edged cap and ring, blond cane, clear tan silks finely tipped burnt umber, agate stripper guide all enhanced with one of the best varnish finishes ever executed.  For the rather brief time Joe made rods, they were in such demand that they often sold well above retail.  This rod is very medium, somewhat unusual for Joe, and although marked as a 5, is absolutely a dead nuts 4 wt.  Smooth as silk and perfect for small water presentations.  Excellent condition.   $775 

32. Maxwell Leonard Duracane.  7½’, 2/2, 6 wt.  Reverse half wells grip as a Payne, uplocking screw seat over butternut, straw colored impregnated cane, clear tan silks with chocolate tagging and Tom Maxwell’s handwriting in place.  A formidable 7½’ rod for medium water and larger flies with a pleasing progressive action.  Excellent condition.   $1,250

33. Tufts and Batson.  7½, 2/2, 4/5 wt.  (I prefer it as a 5).  Stylized cigar grip, n.s. cap and ring over African blackwood, black silks tipped orange over perfectly executed straw colored varnished cane and red agate stripper guide.  Just a lovely 4/5 wt. dry fly rod – just perfect in every way.  An opportunity to own one of these rods at a reduced price point.  Pre-owned but nonetheless excellent.   $1,350

34. Ted Simroe 2765.  7½’, 2/2, 5 wt. Cigar grip, uplocking seat over Ted’s hallmark exotic bubinga spacer, transparent tan silks (proprietary to this dealer) and a perfect varnish finish over light straw colored cane.  Ted’s medium action dry fly rods are perfect in every way – for finish, action and construction.  My own go-to rod in the 7½’ length.  You might have noticed my deep affection for his work and great respect for his importance in the world of bamboo.  New from Ted and a model that is a constant offering in these pages. (2)   $1,650

35. Art Weiler Payne 101.  7½’, 2/2, 5 wt.  Cigar grip, blued cap and ring over Spanish cedar, brown silks tipped yellow, red agate stripper guide and straw colored varnished cane.  Just as its model namesake, this rod has a bright, medium fast, full bodied action for 5 DT lines.  One of the most prolific and competent builders, Art’s work represents the very “best for money” of any current builder.  Just super undervalued rods.  This one appears unused.  $750

36. West Jordan Special by Orvis.  7½’, 2/2, 3 7/8 oz. 5/6 wt.  Ser. #69XXX (1973).  It’s 6¼” cigar grip carries the RH thumb and palm relief, downlocking Orvis patented seat over walnut and perhaps the darkest cane yet seen on this model.  Mint unused with care and guarantee card and in the most desired length. (2)   $1,150

37. Bob Summers 275.  Built 1999.  7½’, 2/2, 4 wt.  Cigar grip, dual bright aluminum bands over cork, walnut accents fore and aft of the seat, evenly toned light flaming of the cane and Bob’s Deluxe treatment to the silks.  Slight handle soiling, otherwise excellent.   $2,700

38. Winston.  7½’, 2/2, 3 oz., 5 wt.  Ser. #21XX.  Moderate 6” reverse half wells grip, n.s. cap and ring, double wrapped silks over straw colored, perfectly varnished cane, wrapped ferrules and burgundy tagging.  Light, hollow built dry fly tapers for small to medium flies.  Hard to imagine a more perfect, light spirited, dry fly rod with enough backbone to handle the most unexpected surprise.  Elegant and little used.   $1,950

39. A.J. Thramer Young Martha Marie.  7½”, 2/2, 5/6 wt. (marked 4/5).  6” half wells grip, downlocking black anodized seat over cork, black silks and darkly flamed tung oil finished cane as a nod to the master.  Formidable semi parabolic action for medium to larger flies, streamers and weighted nymphs; a serious contender for larger fish and long cats.  New Condition.   $825

40. Ron Kusse.  7½’, 2/2, 5 wt. 6¼” cigar grip, rosewood spacer beneath blued n.s. cap and ring, lightly flamed cane, transparent tan silks tagged chocolate at the ferrule stations, pronounced swelled butt and forged hex winding check.  This is a bright dry fly rod in the Catskill tradition, built in 1988 and remains unused.  Truly a stunning piece as are all of Kusse’s rods.   $1,650

41. Art Weiler Garrison 209.  7½’, 2/2, 5 DT, Garrison cigar grip all cork seat with n.s. cap and swaged knurled ring, transparent pale yellow silks and the requisite chocolate brown at the hook keeper and ferrule stations.  A strong 5 DT rod with a distinct progressive feel in the Garrison tradition fully able to throw about as far as you’d need to; able to subdue significant prey.  Unused.   $750

42. Thomas and Thomas Midge.  7½’, 2/2, 5 wt.  Ser. #27XX.  Cigar grip, walnut seat with blued cap and ring, straw colored impregnated cane, handsome subtle yellow silks and best of all, Tom Maxwell’s handwriting in place.  Very light soiling of the grip and various areas of blueing absence to the ferrules.  Super dry fly tapers in the Catskill tradition – medium fast.  A great rod with a great history and made by the two Toms.  Very good/excellent condition.   $2,100

43. Carpenter/Downes.  7½’, 2/2, 5 wt.  Made up as the late model Carpenter Paynes; likely some rendition of a lighter 101.  A collaboration and signed “Walt Carpenter and L.J. Downes; Makers.”  With its medium dark straw  colored cane, brown silks with yellow tipping, Spanish cedar seat and blued cap and ring a tribute to the Payne rod Co where Walt spent his last “employment” years before going out on his own.  Rod has a lovely progressive dry fly feel in the spirit of Payne rods.  The intention of Carpenter and Downes was to produce a series of these rods but this evolved into a singular effort.  Lawn cast only so minor soiling of the cork, otherwise near mint and very special indeed.   $1,950

44. Ron Kusse Performance.  7½’, 2/2, 3 7/8 oz., 6 wt. 6” cigar grip stepped down via the highly figured walnut spacer with blued cap and ring.  Lightly flamed cane, prominent swelled butt and clear tan wraps.  Kusse’s rods may be the finest, most beautiful rods to have ever been produced by any American builder – attention to detail remarkable, cosmetic work above reproach, This rod is a long line quintessential point and shoot rod for intense accuracy and big flies; big fish.  Built at the height of Ron’s career in 1985 and remains unused.   $1,650

45. Thomas and Thomas Classic.  7½’, 2/2, 5 wt.  May be the nicest rod yet seen from the company’s Classic range.  Has all the features present exclusively on their Individualist Series – reverse half wells grip, n.s. die stamped uplocking skeletal seat, and lovely walnut spacer.  That it is a late model (Ser. #40XX) may account for this treatment.  The rod has a great full bodied all around (progressive) action at home with dries and streamers and able reach out to 50-70 feet with ease.  Excellent plus condition.   $1,350

46. R.D. (Bob) Taylor Flametone.  7½’, 3/2, 5 wt.  5¾” cigar grip perfectly proportioned to the length and weight, highly figured walnut spacer, blued cap and ring and ferrules, red agate stripper guide, prominent swelled but, flamed cane and transparent bronze colored silks smartly tipped red.  Rod has a moderate Catskill dry fly action with plenty of reserve power.  Perfect for workmanship; perfect for appearance.  Current retail piece for a 3 piece flamed rod is $3,700.  New condition.   $2,750

47. A.J. Thramer Granger Type.  7½’, 3/2, 5 wt.  Reverse half wells grip, uplocking all n.s. seat, straw cane, pale yellow silks (as a Special) and perfect varnish finish.  This rod is from Allen’s Classic Series and is made up just as a 7633 for taper accuracy with structural improvements – better cane work, machined ferrules, nicer finish and more functional reel seat.  So a lovely medium action dry fly rod in the Granger tradition executed by one of today’s most respected builders.  Some handle soiling and a few isolated in–use checks to the surface otherwise very good condition.   $750

48. Granger (W&M) Favorite.  7½’, 3/2, 5 wt.  Reverse half wells grip, uplocking internal screw seat, variegated silks and yellow intermediates.  The rod was refinished some years ago by Jack Coyle to as new, perfect condition.  Although, a non-professional, Jack’s restoration work is quite amazing and this is one of his finest efforts – just beautiful and nicer than new.  A favorite taper from this better than production company.  Minor handle soiling – otherwise excellent plus.   $850

49. Late model, 1960’s Payne 198 in very good all original condition with the Von Lengerke and Detmold die stamp to cap verso.  Very good original condition.   $5,200

50. Don Schroeder.  7½’, 3/2, 5 wt.  One of Don’s flamed rods, sports a 6” cigar grip, walnut seat, blued hardware throughout, agate stripper guide, moderately swelled butt and quiet transparent brown silks tipped auburn.  If you haven’t heard this before, Don’s attention to detail and finishing is above reproach – simply elegant.  Rod has a rather firm progressive action for both dries and wets.  Built in 2010, the rod shows very little use.   $1,650

51. Perhaps the nicest Walt Powell rod I’ve had.  7’7”, 2/2, 5 wt.  Custom full bodied cigar grip (think Garrison-like), bird’s eye maple seat under blued cap and ring, straw colored tung oil finished cane and  transparent bronze silks tipped black.  This one owner rod carries the name of the intended purchaser and has a super and surprisingly brisk dry fly action.  For some slight soiling of the cork, believe lawn cast only   $1,450

52. John Gallas 93.  7’9”, 2/2, 5 wt. parabolic rod and likely after the Payne 5 wt.  For those who missed the one previously listed, another opportunity.  This one in truly excellent condition with John’s specially detailed reel seat – 2/3 figured walnut and walnut check stepped up to the cigar grip.  Very slight handle soiling, otherwise excellent and one of the best known rods among current builders.   $1,650

53. Tufts and Batson.  7’9”, 2/2, 5 wt.  Modified reverse half wells  grip (cigar-like), African Blackwood spacer beneath bright n.s. die stamped cap and ring, medium straw cane, agate stripper guide, black silks handsomely tipped orange and machined Payne-like ferrule plug.  In the world of bamboo this partnership of Amelia Tufts and Gabe Batson has achieved remarkable prominence for their extraordinary workmanship and performance standards.  This rod has a crisp dry fly feel, and although not as tippy, is reminiscent of rods in the Catskill genre.  Spectacular and new from Tufts and Batson.   $1,500

54. Hal Bacon Payne Parabolic.  Now sadly deceased, Harold Bacon was the quiet owner of the Payne Co. for 11 years before moving it on to R.E.C. of VT.  After selling the company he produced many rods in The Payne/Leonard vernacular sometimes using actual Payne stock including blanks and hallmark hardware.  His cosmetic work was above reproach and his own cane work was as good as it gets.  Hal made this Payne parabolic to the exact tapers of the 7’9”, 3 7/8 oz. 5 wt. version.  The rod is made up exactly as the original with all cork grip and seat, Payne cap and ring now carrying Bacon’s proprietary die stamp, brown silks tipped yellow, agate stripper guide, beautiful deep straw colored cane with an impeccable varnish finish and new Payne tube.  Pre-owned but unused and rarely coming to market.   $1,150

55. Tufts and Batson.  7’9”, 3/2, 5 wt.  Just a fabulous casting medium fast dry fly rod with all the expected cosmetic features of the brand.  A super rod from the duo.  If not sold, this one will go into my own battery of rods – that speaks volumes.  New from T & B.   $1,500

55a. Don Schroeder.  7' 10", 2/2, 5wt.  A spectacular rod from one of the country's best makers and one of only two rods in this format that Don ever did.  Moderate reverse half wells grip, uplocking screw seat over walnut, dark perfectly varnished cane and chocolate silks tipped black with full intermediate chocolate wraps.  Made in 2000 for Paul Morrisey noted Atlantic Salmon fishing personality and well known salmon fly tyer.  Don's attention to detail, structural integrity and finish work is above reproach.  That his rods don't sell in the 2500 plus range has always surprised me.  From my own collection, used twice on the Willoweemoc, caught about 5 12-14" trout and not used before or since.  Just a great dry fly rod.  I have two other Schroeder rods so am reluctantly letting this one go.  Don's current pricing for this rod is about 2600.  Gently used with minor grip soiling otherwise near new.   $2150

56. Jeff Wagner.  8’, 2/2, 4 wt.  Perfectly proportioned half wells grip, blued n.s. cap and ring over a beautiful piece of unknown hardwood, chocolate brown silks ever so delicately trimmed yellow, deep straw colored cane with a perfect varnish finish, 9-1-7 signature wrap agate stripper guide and pronounced swelled butt.  Light dry fly tapers for a 4 wt or 5 wt.  A lovely, rod for the most delicate presentations.  Unused condition.   $1,650

57. Post-fire Leonard 40.  8’, 2/2, 4 oz. 5 wt. (reads 6).  Ser. #2024 ca. 1973/74.  Shy 6” full bodied cigar grip, downlocking Leonard patented seat over butternut, light straw colored cane with perfect varnish, Chinese red silks tagged green and a moderately swelled butt.  The quintessential dry fly rod in the Catskill tradition that along with its 3 piece counterpart, the 50DF, has been the lynchpin for builders emulating the protocol for decades.  Near mint, likely unused; a virtual steal at (2).   $1,350

58. Leonard 40H.  8’, 2/2, 4 3/8 oz. 6/7 wt.  Just as rod #57 for appearance and vintage, some years ago refinished by Mark Murphy, ex-Leonard rod maker.  Carries a 6 or 7 wt. line with medium fast dry fly style with aplomb.  This is a terrific big water or canoe rod – think Delaware River, main branch.  Excellent condition.   $1,150

59. Thomas and Thomas Hendrickson.  8’, 2/2, 5 wt.  Ser. #38XX.  6” reverse half wells grip, n.s. uplocking T and T design skeletal hardware over, figured walnut, straw colored varnished cane, clear silks tipped ever so discretely in burnt umber and prominent swelled butt.  A super medium/medium fast progressive dry fly rod that “throws line” while remaining delicate enough for small to medium size flies – a virtual perfect all around rod.  Overall, the rod is in perfect condition but strangely, the grip has been cleaned and shows a bit of dryness - strange really, considering its otherwise excellent condition.  T and T rods currently present as a remarkable bargain on the secondary market.   $1,900

60. A second opportunity to acquire one of these very limited edition works of art.  This one #5 of the edition.  Breathtaking is the only superlative that comes to mind – Built in 1979 the Thomas and Thomas Special Edition 10th Anniversary Rod.  8’, 2/2, 5/6 wt.  Dry fly grip, straw colored varnished cane, clear tan silks tipped auburn and blued T and T logoed ferrules.  This is rod #5 of an edition of 10 and so marked to the end cap along with the words “Special Edition.”  The intense level of skill needed to build this rod is most evident in the design of the swelled butt – the six pieces of bamboo used to make the butt section continue into the grip neatly interrupted by sections of mahogany.  The pattern continues through the handle and reappears to the spacer under its elegant blued cap and ring.  The rod is, of course, unused and contained in a beautifully constructed walnut box with brass hasps.  In the wake of a recent auction I will entertain sensible offers.  

61. John Pickard Dickerson 8013.  8’, 2/2, 5 wt.  Shy 6” modified reverse half wells grip, downlocking screw seat over walnut, brown silks tipped black, hex forged winding check, straw colored cane under perfectly excellent varnish and John’s 4 signature wraps above the hook keeper – 4, to distinguished it from the original Dickerson.  John used pre-embargo cane for this rod and is so marked.  Everything just as the Dickerson marque – appearance and brilliant dry fly action.  The quintessential Dickerson type for feel and spirit the country’s foremost builder in the Dickerson idiom.  John even supplied a Dickerson-like tube with this rod – very cool.  As new.  $1,650

62. Orvis Battenkill.  Ser. #24XXX (1958), 2 tip model and accurately marked as a 7 wt. rod.  Interestingly a decidedly more dry fly rod than its later counterparts.  Cigar grip is soiled and has minor ridging and walnut spacer shows a couple of reel foot impressions, otherwise very good with an intact earlier paper label to the tube.   $450

63. Eden Cane 8014, Bernard Ramanaskaus builder.  8’, 2/2, 5 wt. nodeless rod.  Cigar grip, up sliding ring over bird’s eye maple, clear silks ever so delicately tipped auburn, agate stripper guide and bright ferrules.  This is a truly stunning rod with a fabulous very dry fly demeanor in the Catskill style.  While not a pioneer in the idiom, Ramanaskaus is probably the most accomplished builder of nodeless rods in North America.  This offering is new, unused and put up in Bernard’s partitioned cordovan tube.   $2,100

64. Ted Simroe Light Salmon.  8’, 2/2, 7 wt.  6½”, reverse half wells grip, uplocking seat over fancy zebra wood, removable beautifully machined 3” fighting butt; rubber button fits both the end of the fighting butt and the end of the seat when not in use.  Straw colored cane, tan silks smartly tipped black, two stripper guides and bright ferrules and hardware.  Rod has a very welcome medium fast dry fly action and is a virtual casting machine.  Although a 7 wt. this rod can handle about 95% of possible captures – no need to fish your 8 or 9 wts.  A glorious rod; new from Ted.  Pair this rod up with a direct drive Bogdan 150 appearing later in the catalogue. 
Rod alone  $1,650
Rod and reel together  $2,800 

65. Joe Balestrieri (Redwing Rods).  8’, 3/2, “Medium Taper Parabolic” 4 oz., 5/6 wt.  Another wonderful rod from Joe – the man has a real affinity for parabolic rods having endlessly studied the Ritz Pezon-Michel protocol.  This rod has a moderate parabolic feel – some would say progressive and is just a totally ass kicking machine.  Cigar grip, dual ring seat over cork, transparent yellow silks and flamed cane as a tribute to the Young legacy.  Beautiful finish, structure and design.  Hard to believe that Joe can produce such wonderful rods for the price.  Here, pre-owned but unused for less than the cost of graphite.   $525

66. A.J. Tramer’s rendition of the Leoanrd 50DF.  Hollowbuilt, cigar grip, butternut seat with blued cap and ring, lightly flamed (toned) cane, transparent tan silks tipped red and an agate stripper guide.  Think A.J. was going for the Hunt look with this rod – very handsome very nice in the hand and a rather light 5 wt. dry fly rod.  Thramer is truly a master builder with a very keen sense of taper design/redesign.  Excellent plus plus.   $875

67. Payne 200.  Perhaps the most unusual (read rare) Payne rod ever seen by this writer am guessing only one of its kind in existence – the rod is fitted with a 3¾” removable fighting butt!  Without the butt in place it appears just as a Payne 200 with its hidden butt plug and accounts for its 4 3/8 oz. actual weight.  The rod is all original and clearly a special order for its one time only owner, Pete Kriendler, for many years owner of the 21 Club in NYC.  So, further - 8’, 3/2, 4 3/8 oz. (instead of the expected 4 1/8 oz.) 5 wt.  Spectacular all original condition with every hallmark in place – reverse half wells grip (some soiling) uplocking seat over Spanish cedar, A and F die stamp to the turnbuckle and about the prettiest dark straw colored cane with about perfect varnish.  Brown silks tipped gold, blued ferrules (with some isolated absence of blueing), ferrule plugs and very legible hang tag in place.  As a later rod this 200 is a slam dunk 5 wt. – feels like a model 201 for that.  A truly fabulous find in one of Payne’s best tapers and one of the nicest “used” Payne’s I’ve had.  For its condition and relative rarity.   $4,200

68. Don Schroeder.  8’, 3/2, 5 wt.  Built in 1995 and as perfect for finish and details as his latest efforts – remarkable really – full wells grip, uplocking seat (fully constructed by Don) over figured walnut, lustrous dark shafts under a glistening coat of perfectly executed varnish and clear tan silks tipped burgundy.  Truly amazing to see a 20 year old rod that for the maker’s sense of consistency and quality control appears made yesterday.  Truly a stunning piece of workmanship.  The rod has a lovely progressive medium action and is both dry fly and streamer competent.  Other than 1 isolated nick in the real seat surface, rod appears virtually unused.  Has first owner’s name inscribed on the rod and engraved on the butt cap and both can be removed if it irritates.   $1,650

69. Orvis Battenkill.  8’, 3/2, 4 1/2oz., 5/6 wt., Ser. #85XXX.  Cigar grip, downlocking seat over walnut, chocolate silks, blued ferrules and straw colored cane with the later resorcinol glue lines showing.  Always interesting to me is the remarkable dry fly action of the 3 piece Orvis; the common expectation being that 3 piece rods tend to be more full working, less bright.  The Orvis manufacture stands in absolute defiance of the notion.  This rod is about new unused with its warrantee and care card.   $875

70. Leonard Deluxe 805.  Just as lots 20 and 30 from the Deluxe series produced only in 1984.  This one never catalogued for its 3 piece format.  So, 8’, 3/2, 5 wt. with n.s. cap and ring over butternut.  Although the rod has had a bit of use and shows minor handle soiling, the previous owner chose to leave remnants of the original paper on the grip.  Excellent plus.   $1,800

Talk to me about a 3 rod purchase!

71. Payne 201.  8’, 3/2, 4 5/8 oz. (actual) 5 wt.  Reverse half wells grip, uplocking screw seat over Spanish cedar, A&F die stamp to the turnbuckle, brown silks tipped yellow and blued ferrules.  While the grip remains untouched, the rod was expertly and perfectly refinished by John Gallas.  Well done replacement bag and Payne tube with new label courtesy Steve Blake.  Just a wonderful medium progressive dry fly rod for about any venue.  Excellent condition.   $2,800

72. Ted Simroe 835.  8’, 3/2, 5 wt.  Reverse half wells grip, uplocking seat over bubinga, clear tan silks (proprietary to The Jordan Mills Rod Co.) and perfectly executed varnish over straw colored cane.  Rod has a medium dry fly action that will handily cast nymphs and streamers with equal aplomb.  One of my own go-to rods for fishing the Beaverkill or Willowemoc.  New from Ted.   $1,800

73. South Creek Ltd.  (Mike Clark). 8’3”, 3/2, 6/7 wt.  Half wells grip with walnut accents fore and aft, antiqued downlocking seat over morticed walnut, straw shafts, translucent brown silks tipped black, agate stripper quide and Mike’s 4 intermediate signature wraps to the butt section only.  The rod has a full bodied progressive taper and is eminently capable with medium to large flies, streamers and big water.  This is the only 8’3”, 6/7 wt. rod ever built by Mike Clark – made for a gent who fished sea-run browns in Finland.  Take this one to Labrador for big brookies.  Little used.   $2,100

74. Payne 104.  8½”, 2/2, 4 3/8 oz., 5/6 wt.  Cigar grip, blued cap and ring over walnut, straw colored cane, dark brown silks tipped black and red agate stripper guide.  Tag is still here but weight only can be read.  Expertly refinished by an unknown worker.  Rod enjoys wonderful dry fly tapers for 5 or 6 wt. lines and is rather Catskill-like in feel – lots of activity in the upper reaches of the rod.  The refinish work is brilliant; the rarity of the 2 piece 8 ½ well acknowledged.  Unused since its restoration with original tagged bag and fully labeled tube.   $2,750

75. Orvis Madison.  8½’, 2/1, 5 1/8 oz. 8/9 wt.  Casts an 8 wt. line perfectly and I like to fully load my rods!  Ser. #73XXX.  Cigar grip very slightly soiled, downlocking seat and the expected brown silks.  Medium straw colored cane and blued ferrules.  Near new.   $425

76. Thomas and Thomas Montana.  8½’, 2/2, 8 wt.  Reverse half wells grip, uplocking screw seat over walnut, prominent swelled butt, straw colored perfectly varnished cane, translucent tan silks and 2” removable fighting butt neatly stored at the opposite end of the tube.  Ser. #28XX.  Neatly written on this rod is the first owners monogram “ACF” about 9” above the cork.  Never seen it done that way but looks very sharp.  All writing in Tom Maxwell’s hand.  This is a full bodied, full working light salmon rod.  As we’ve come to expect from the two Toms, beautiful workmanship; a casting machine.  Soiling of cork not even worth mentioning otherwise excellent plus, plus.   $1,500

77. Wright and McGill Stream and Lake 8642.   8½’, 3/2, 4½ oz. 5/6 wt. ca 1947/48.  I prefer a 5DT.  Reverse half wells grip, uplocking internal n.s.  Granger patented seat, red silks over beautiful evenly toned deep straw colored cane and a moderate swelled butt.  Enjoys the well known easy, pleasing, Granger medium action.  Maybe the most generally well liked maker in the production class.  This one new with labeled plastic still on the handle and perfect bag and labeled tube. For its exceptional condition. (2)  $650

78. Goodwin Granger Special.  8½’, 3/2.  5/6 wt.  Reverse half wells grip (soiled), uplocking internal screw seat, green/gold silks, medium dark straw cane, and bright ferrules.  All original rod with only some minor checks in the varnish surface that can be polished out otherwise the rod is dead straight and ferrule fit is as tight as when it left the shop.  Although the rod has had honorable use, it remains in very good condition with its original labeled brown tube.  With some TLC this rod can be perfect.   $625

79. Another.  A later Wright and McGill rod.  All original.  Varnish and silks are perfect; cork has minor ridging and a small chip at the lower edge – hook keeper mishap.  With exceptions noted, very good.   $675

80. Orvis Battenkill.  8½’, 3/2, 4¾ oz.  6 wt. (and so marked).  Ser. #18XXX (1956).  Cigar grip, downlocking screw seat over walnut, medium dark straw colored impregnated cane and blued ferrules  Characteristic of 3 piece Orvis rods, it has a very nice smooth medium action dry fly flavor and defies the usual practice for the company to make 8 ½ rods at least 7 wts. and might even take a 5 DT line.  So, a nice exception to the rule.  Since the rod is from 1956 and that it is put up in period tube but looks very modern, I must assume that it was redone by Orvis along the way.  A note from Orvis to the previous owner attests to its vintage and other details.  Seems unused since its refinish.   $750

81. Another.  This one 4 5/8 oz., all original, Ser. #13XXX (1952) and for the 1/8 oz. difference a lighter, crisper rod than item 79 but still a slam dunk 6 wt. in spite of its 7 wt. marking.  Aside from a slightly turned down grip to fit a smaller hand presumably, the rod presents in excellent original condition.   $575

82. Orvis Shooting Star.  9’, 2/2, 6 oz. 8/9 wt.  Ser. #55XXX.  6 1/2:” cigar grip all aluminum downlocking seat, 2¼” removable fighting butt, stainless ferrules, and 3 stripper guides to the butt section.  Salt water compatible; big salmon rod.  Very slight soiling of the grip otherwise excellent plus.   $425

83. Granger Aristocrat. (W and M) 9050.  9’, 3/2, 5 oz., 6 wt.  Reverse half wells grip, uplocking Granger seat, beautiful deep straw colored blanks, and gold silks tipped chocolate.  Wonderful, big rod easy casting medium Granger tapers.  Well loved in any size range.  The rod is in about perfect little used condition – amazing really and must have been very well stored as the varnish seems near new, the rod is dead straight and ferrules are as they were when leaving the shop.  Beautiful.   $500

Two Piece Rods

84. Vince Cummings Boron/Graphite.  7’, 2/2, ¾ wt.  Spigot ferrules, burgundy blanks.  Appears unused.   $200

85. Sage GFL 470RP.  The rod that put Sage on the map and precursor to the LL series.  7’, 2/1, 4 wt.  Appears unfished.   $200

86. Sage GFL 475.  7½’, 2/1, 2 3/8 oz.  4 wt.  As new.   $250

87. Orvis Power Matrix 10.  8’4”, 2/1, 3 5/8 oz., 4 wt.  Minor cork soiling and scratches and surface mars to the wood spacer otherwise excellent condition.   $100

Multi-Piece Rods

88. Scott G 703/3 MMT.  Also known as the Murray Trout Rod and made for the Shenandoah River Murray’s Trout Shop.  6’ 10”, 3 piece, 1.9 oz. 3 wt.  Current retail price for this rod about $750.  New condition.   $375

89. Scott STS 804/4.  8’, 4p., 2.7 oz., 4 wt.  MSRP for this rod is currently $480.  Minor soiling to grip otherwise excellent plus, plus.   $225

90. Winston BIIX.  8’. 4 piece, 2 5/16 oz., 4 wt.  Near new and beautiful.  You can always rely on Winston for attention to detail.   $475

91. No lot.

92. Sage SP 586-3.  Graphite IV.  8½’, 3 piece 3 3/16 oz., 5 wt.  One of the nicest, best performing rods ever produced by the company.  Excellent plus condition.   $275

93. Scott G888/3.  8’8”, 2.4 oz., 3 piece 3 wt. (3/4 really).  Cigar grip, all cork seat, n.s. cap and ring, spigot ferrules.  Cork marginally soiled.  Overall excellent.   $275

94. C. F. Burkheimer “Classic.” 8’9”, 4 piece, 2 oz.  2/3/4/ wt. – I’d try 4 wt. first.  Stylized reverse half wells grip with decorative but tasteful cork burl accents, rosewood spacer delicate n.s. uplocking screw seat and very sensible witness marks to all ferrule stations.  Near new condition.  $375

95. Winston BIIX.  9’, 4 piece, 2 5/8 oz. 4 wt.  As new and one of the most handsome graphite rods on the market.   $475

96. Fresh H2O.  The Fly Shop.  Hat Creek model, 9’, 4 piece-two tip, 4 wt.  New unused in cordovan case with reel compartment.   $100

97. Scott STS 9054.  9’, 4 piece, 3 oz. 5 wt.  Early charcoal gray satin toned blanks, spigot ferrules.  Cork soiling and random surface scratches and mars otherwise good condition and a desirable no longer made rod.   $150

98. Sage GFL 590-4RPL.  9, 4 piece, 3 oz., 5 wt.  Chocolate blanks.  Soiling of the grip otherwise very good.   $125

99. Sage TCR 890-4.  Graphite IIIe.  9’, 4 piece, 4 1/16 oz., 8 wt.  Full wells grip, fixed 1” fighting butt and very cool burgundy/brown blanks.  Current retail $775.  This one as new.   $425

100. Orvis Clearwater.  10’, 4 piece, 3¾ oz. 5 wt.  Near new.   $100.

Glass Rods

101. Orvis Full flex Fly/Spin.  7’, 4 piece, 3 1/8 oz., 5/6 wt.  10” dual ring grip, brown blanks and in excellent plus condition.   $175

102. Thomas and Thomas FR 764-3.  7½, 3 piece, 4 wt.  Current LP is $760.  New unused.   $525

103. Lamiglass Spring Creek Series.  CGF764, 7½’, 2/1, 4 wt.  Appears unused.   $225

104. Hardy Smuggler.  8’, 4 piece, 5/6 wt. vintage Hardy glass.  Chocolate brown blanks, spigot ferrules; tube compliments yours truly.  Isolated surface marks otherwise very good condition and rather rare.   $350

105. Orvis Superfine Glass.  8’, 3 piece, 2¾ oz., 5 wt.  New unused.   $300

Trout Reels

106. St. George Jr.  Later, made in England reissue.  This is the charcoal black iteration of the reel done with a smooth brass foot, amber colored handle, 3 screw latch and agate line guard.  The MSRP on this reel was $750.  Near mint, with original leather case and unknown brand new high quality line. Beautiful.   $450

106a. Leonard Mills Model 50.  Rare raised pillar H.L. Leonard half  handle reel patent no. 191813.  Properly die stamped to front of  its hard rubber dished plate.  3 1/8” pillar to pillar, ¾” width spool.   LH/RH constant check. One of the most desirable  vintage reels for 6-7’ 2/3/4 wt. rods. Simply beautiful, super perfect for integrity and appearance. Excellent original condition  $1,250

107. Bogdan Narrow Spool Baby Trout.  All black finish, 2/3/4 wt. reel. LHW but can be converted to RHW.  Has a few isolated nicks to the rear frame edge only and barely visible mounting marks to the foot otherwise very good/excellent with its original suede bag and Cortland Sylk line -- think it is 1/2 of a 4DT.   $2,500

108. Bellinger Classic.  2¾”, LHW, 4 wt.  Dished black sideplates, polished aluminum frame and counterbalanced “S” handle.  Al’s nod to the Edward Vom Hofe range of reels.  Last retail for this reel was $750.  Here in excellent plus condition.   $550

109. Hardy Sunbeam.  2¾”, 4 wt. Reel has about 90% blueing, horshoe latch, Bickerdyke line guard, smooth brass stanchion foot (so pre-1928) and Wilf Stinton’s mark to the interior.  May be the finest example of the reel I’ve ever had and in the rather rare 2¾” size.  RHW only with a strong click, perfect fixed drag, and tight as a drum.  Just a wonderful vintage user or collectible.   $275

110. Joe Saracione Mark I.  2¾”, RHW (can be switched to LHW), black sideplates, perforated front plate, sweeping counterbalanced “S” handle, stainless bezel mounted posts and champagne colored frame.  A great traditional looking, Bogdan like reel, for ¾ wt. lines.  As new with pouch and box; no longer made by Joe.   $675

111. Another, this one LHW and near new in original neoprene case.   $675

112. Peerless No 1.  RHW but can be changed to LH for minimal amount and a short visit to Nashua.  At 4.5 oz., a great 4 wt. reel.  Only the slightest signs of use including two infetesimal nicks to the front rim and edge rash to the side of the foot otherwise excellent in original case.   $575

113. Pflueger 1494 ½.  Spool only in original box.  Mint and tough to find.   $25

114. Joe Saracione Mark IV.  2¾”, 5.1 oz., wide spool type for 4 DT lines.  LHW but, of course, can be switched to RHW.  Current retail from Joe is $865.  This one with a few isolated nicks to the frame edges at 2 o’clock.   $575

115. Ross Canyon 1.  3”, large arbor reel ideal for 3, 4 or 5 lines.  Anodized black, easy spool removal and smooth as can be retrieve/drag.  No matter the price point, Ross always delivers the absolute best in engineering and performance.  Reel has one tiny nick along the foot, otherwise is virtually unused with case, box and papers.  Just a super reel for lightweight graphite.   $150

116. Orvis CFO 123.  3”, 4/5 wt. reel for LH/RH retrieve.  Raised hub to the back, charcoal gray finish.  Some rashes to the frame edge otherwise very good with spare spool and Orvis case.   $275

117. Orvis CFO III.  This is the newest Abel made for Orvis reel.  Amazing machining, cosmetics and integrity.  Beautiful satin gray finish and much improved performance standards.  Can’t believe Orvis is producing the American made high quality CFO version for only $345 MSRP.  This one mint condition with backing applied; case, box and papers.   $275

118. Orvis CFO III.  Screwback reel with spare spool in overall very good condition with Battenkill case.   $350

119. ATH Traun F1.  2¾”, LHW, wide spool ¾ wt. reel.  Made in Holland.  For its width can take WF5 as well.  The only piece of fishing equipment in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art for its highly advanced structure and design features.  With some light use, this one in very good condition.   $425

120. Hardy Coscapedia MKII.  2/3/4.  3” 4 wt. reel with enough weight to balance nicely on 7-7 ½’ bamboo.  Latest production reel now set for LHW.  In use mars and scratches to the rims; mechanically perfect with a super full range drag.   $250

121. Ross Evolution LT 1.5. 3 1/8”, large arbor.  4/5 wt. reel.  LH/RH convertible.  Anodized Hunter green finish with black accents – very cool.  Mint in box with case and papers.   $200

122. 3 1/8”, Hardy Uniqua.  5 wt.  Telephone latch, details die stamped in the round to verso, duplicated mark II, ribbed brass foot (so post 1928) and black ebonite bezeled handle.  About 90% blueing intact and tight as a drum.  One of the nicest uniquas from this period I’ve had.   $275  

123. Hardy LRH.  3 1/8”, 5 wt.  LH/RH.  From the Lightweight series, made in England, single screw to line guard, drag adjust to rim and lovely deep gray finish to the frame.  The hands down favorite for traditionalists.  Excellent with case and papers. (3)   $225  

124. Hardy LRH.  This one, later made, as new with case, box and papers.  A great value.   $150

125. Bellinger Deluxe.  3”, 4/5 wt. reel.  LHW (can be converted to RH), delrin side plates, dished front, sweeping counterbalanced handle, n.s. rims, polished aluminum spool and foot.  Mint condition.   $875

126. Bogdan Standard Trout.  3¼”, narrow spool, RHW (can be changed to LHW).  A more perfect traditional 5 wt. reel has yet to emerge.  Mounting marks to the foot otherwise excellent plus, plus in original bag.   $2,700

127. Lamson 2.  3 1/8”, 5/6 wt. reel.  This is the later model with perforated front and back, satin black finish and one of the smoothest retrieves and full range drags ever produced in an “economy” reel.  Fully machined and super tight for integrity.  A great reel for graphite rods.  Small area of edge wear to the rear frame otherwise very good.   $125

128. Abel Creek 2.  3½”, mid arbor reel for 4,5 or 6 wt. lines.  Fixed LH/RH drag, beautiful black gloss anodized finish, and rosewood handle.  A very popular well liked reel sadly discontinued by Abel.  Mint with case, box and papers.   $225

129. Ross Gunnison G-2, 2014 Limited Edition – “The Return of a Classic.”  Numbered 730 of 1000 and in mint condition with case, box and papers.  One of the best contemporary reels ever made designed by the folks who have an uncanny talent for simplifying design while creating some of the finest reels in the market for performance.   $200

130. Another G-2.  Set for LHW.  This one made for Thomas and Thomas as the “Classic” carries the T and T die stamp and logo to front and back.  Minor wear to the rear frame edge at 7 o’clock.   $175

131. Pre-1928 3 3/8” Hardy Uniqua.   Rare spitfire finished spool; blued frame, telephone latch and smooth brass foot (so pre-1928).  RHW.  Strong retrieve click and perfect condition fixed drag operation.  This is the finest condition reel of this type I have ever had – even has all of the blueing to the foot.  Just a lovely vintage 5/6 wt. reel in near perfect condition with a vintage LL Bean pig skin pouch.   $350

132. Orvis Presentation EXR III.  3¼”, 5/6 wt. reel from STH and made for Orvis as their presentation reel for several years.  Black anodized, perforations to front and back, rim mounted full range drag adjust and counterbalanced contoured handle.  Fully machined to the highest tolerances with a very unique spool removal protocol.  I’ve never had one of these reels, no matter how hard they were fished that ever had any play in the spool or other structural issues.  Just a great underappreciated reel at home on graphite or bamboo.  Excellent in original Orvis case.   $200

133. Pflueger Medalist 1494.  3¼”, 5/6 reel.  Made in the USA and fitted with the “One Pfoot” cleverly designed to fit all modern rods.  Stirrup line guide so convertible RH/LH, now set for RH retrieve.  Excellent with papers.   $65

134. Hardy Princess.  3½”, LH/RH.  5/6/7 wt. reel from the lightweight series.  Single screw line guard, English made and save a few scuffs here and there in overall very good plus condition with original black case and papers and now set for RH wind.   `$225

135. Another.  This one with the very desirable 2 screw heavy nickel silver line guard.  Set for LHW; save very light line grooves to the guard in good overall condition.   $175

136. Hardy Marquis 7.  3½”, 5/6/7 reel.  As a System 7 and enjoys interchangeable spools.  Gray frame, natural aluminum spool with rim control and round grommet drag protocol to interior.  Now set for RHW.  Great condition with SA case.   $150

137. Hardy JLM Ultralite 7.  3½”, 6/7 reel all gray satin finish, rim control, easy adjust rear drag knob and dual pawl drag system.  One of the finest ideas to have come from this illustrious company.  Put up in a beautiful black leather Hardy case.  Excellent plus condition.   $225

138. ATH Rio Orbigo F2.  3¼”, rather wide spool reel in LHW 5/6.7 wt.  Made in Holland.  Ser. #1263.  Amazing reel with a drag system years ahead of the crowd for technological perfection – super smooth, super tight and the only fishing article in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art for its design protocol.  Excellent condition.   $425

139. Bogdan Large Trout.  3¼”, wide spool version of the standard trout with 6/7 wt line capacity.  LHW, fixed drag and save a few handling marks to the rear plate and very light nicks to the edge, excellent plus condition with original bag.   $2,450
Big Water and Large Capacity Reels

140. Hardy Marquis 8/9.  3 5/8”, 7/8 wt. reel.  Gray frame, gray spool with natural aluminum edge, rim control and “U” drag protocol to interior with dual pawls.  LH/RH convertible, currently set for LHW.  A great traditional reel from Hardy and the favorite of sea run trout fisherman across the pond.  Almost no discernible use.   $200

141. Orvis SSS 7/8 Anti Reverse.  3½”, 7/8 wt. capacity LHW.  Made by STH of Argentina.  Contoured handle, black frame, champagne colored spool and foot.  This is an awesome reel made by the formidable Argentine company for Orvis for several years.  Has a smooth as silk retrieve and full range super smooth drag with palming control as well.  Near mint and foolishly priced at  $175

142. Hardy 3¾” MK2 St. George.  7 ¾ oz. RHW only, milky agate line guard, charcoal gray enamel finish, smooth aluminum foot, ebonite bezelled handle and full range rim mounted drag adjust.  Just a glorious old world 7/8 wt. salmon reel in near new condition with papers in its correct blue and white case. (2)   $375

143. Hardy St. John.  3 7/8”, 7/8/9 wt.  RHW.  2 screw latch, charcoal enamel finish, ridged brass foot and rim mounted drag adjust.  Just a terrific standard of Atlantic salmon and steelhead fishers for decades.  Has a strong yet full range click and pawl drag and is just an unfailing piece of equipment under the most arduous use.  With some honest use and various edge wear, rashes and mars to the rear plate, a great reel for only.  $175

144. Another.  This one an almost unused generation MK2 with LHW/RHW conversion capability.  A super reel for Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead or New Zealand size browns.   $325

145. Rarely seen Bogdan “OO” Direct Drive.  3¼” x 1 5/16” (overall) 7/8 wt. reel.  RHW.  Mechanically perfect but has seen lots of honorable use with first owners name neatly Bogdan engraved to the front.  Reads “Pete Kriandler “21””.  Pete Kriendler along with his brothers was the longtime owner of the 21 Club in NYC and comes to me by way of his restaurant manager of many years.  A cool reel with an interesting past.  This reel has seen most Salmon waters around the world and even after serious use remains in perfect mechanical order as it was regularly serviced by Bogdan.   $1,200

146. STH Airweight 10.  4”, 8/9/10 wt. reel.  LH/RH Precision engineered and manufactured in Argentina.  Anodized black, rim mounted drag control and one of the most advanced click and pawl protocols ever devised – feels like a well-designed disc drag for operation.  As the Orvis Presentation EXR IV and enjoys interchangeable spools. Excellent plus condition.  Let’s sell these reels. (2)   $100

147. Orvis SSS 9/10 Anti Reverse.  4”, 8/9/10 wt. reel made in Argentina by STH for Orvis.  LHW One of the best conceived reels ever offered by Orvis and ahead of its time for quality and precision engineering.  Has a smooth as silk unfailing braking system, easy access dual handles and a terrific overall appearance.  A few isolated scratches but carefully used and still in excellent condition.   $175

Late Arrivals

Unusual for these pages but a welcome diversion for quality and historical significance – a fine and carefully curated group of casting rods from the collection of friend and enthusiast Jay Herbert.  Jay is a well-known international shooting personality best known for his stellar coaching of Glenn Eller, the 2008 Olympic gold medal winner of men’s double trap.  To his credit Jay also nurtured 6 national champions that won 9 nationals and a world championship.

148. F.E. Thomas 6’, 2/1, 3/8 – ½ oz.  Ser. #A248.  All original condition, cork handle in good condition, die stamp to hardware, red agate guides, good ferrule fit, dead straight.  Varnish is even but dulled for time - deserves a refinish for its structural integrity.  No bag or tube.   $100

149. Orvis.  5’8”, 1 piece.  3/8 – 1/2 oz.  Ser. #21003.  Original bag.  Very good condition.   $225

150. Payne.  5½’, 2/2, 3/8 oz.  Cork is soiled and a few small areas have been neatly filled.  Has the historically important Landman reel seat, agate guides, brown silks tipped gold, very slight isolated areas of allegation to the varnish that can easily be polished out otherwise a spectacular rod in original bag and later Payne tube.   $450

151. Another Payne.  Also 2/2. This one 6’ with standard and later Payne downlocking seat and sold by A & F.  Missing the female ferrule welt otherwise excellent condition in what appears to be an F.E. Thomas tube and unoriginal bag.  Beautiful rod.   $525

152. Granger Specail (Goodwin).  6’, 2/1, 5/8 oz.  Structurally perfect but varnish is somewhat dull but all even and generally good.  Can be left as is or refinished.  Original bag and tube.   $125

153. Winston (San Francisco).  6’, 2/1.  This rod was built for Ben Hardesty the National bait casting champion from 1947 to 1949.  Carries his factory inscribed name and was used to win several events during that time period.  Cork handle shows use otherwise excellent with its labeled narrow tube and butt case and seems lighter than a 3/8 oz. grade.   $400

154. Thomas and Thomas.  5½’, 2/1, with original bag and tube with guarantee and care card attached.  Ser. #4089.  Only appeared in their catalogue for 2 years in the mid 80’s and one of 8 ever made.  Light soiling of the cork otherwise spectacular.  Stunning dark impregnated cane and sculptural agate guides.  A simply beautiful piece of work.   $625

155. Paul Young.  5’9” Tournament rod.  2/1, staggered ferrule rod (with long ferrule plug).  According to Bob Summers (to the present owner) Martha Marie’s personal tournament rod and marked MMY 1943.  Refinished by Bob Summers and excellent; pretty certain original bag and tube.   $350

156. Walt Powell.  6’, 2/1, 3/8 oz.  Soiled handle, burgundy anodized downlocking seat and forest green wraps, over tung oil finished cane.  Excellent.   $325

157. Leonard.  5½’, 2/2.  Brown silks, pre-fire die stamp in lace, trumpet guides and dated female ferrule.  Soiled grip otherwise excellent with tip tube and bag.   $350


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